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In this post I would like that once read you ask the following question, how much does it hurt my way of consuming fashion?

I have to say that in me there is a before and after; which I want to share with you.

As a professional in the world of fashion I have felt in a loop called fashion victim, an unnecessary need (contradictory truth?). Today people who look for their image either for a status, simply by going to an appointment , event..etc. or why they want to find their inner self and express it in their way of dressing, they really do not know what is behind fast fashion, what I call buying, using and throwing so that they can buy again and all this at minimum time massive consumption that exists today.

I started to investigate and learn about the slow fashion world (the other side) and the truth that fascinated me a lot, for its creators, for its designs, for the history of its creations and for its very important objective to take care of our planet. I refer to the authentic ones that reflect transparency in their products, not the ones that do greenwashing (unintentionally).

As an expert in Image Consulting my vision has changed a lot in this topic, because I believe that all of us who touch this world must first change our way of consuming and demand a more sustainable product. Thanks to the internet we can buy clothes, accessories, footwear ... etc. created in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way. My services are based on this theory.

How to choose your

clothes in an original

and sustainable way.

Choose to buy clothes that are identified as sustainable.

Do not buy those garments that come from a country without strict labor legislation.

The qualities are much more durable and does not harm your skin and the

ecosystem by production.

Recycle your clothes, accessories,

footwear, exchange, buy in vintage

stores or donate what you do not use anymore.

I do not try to change your wardrobe

completely ... no! It is not my intention

but if you reflect and look towards the

near future better for the following generations as our past have done so

that we can actually enjoy what we have, but you will ask, how can I start?

Well here is a point , for example today

in the well-known companies of fast

fashion make collections from recycling and organic cotton, as Zara its labeling is Join Life, in H & M is Conscious, in Mango is Take Action, in this way adds to this new fashion. It is not the best way but at least it is something for your purchases to go a ways and they clearly perceive your demand where you are going. But if you can and you have designer stores of km 0 that are better sustainable, visit them by That surely in this if you will not regret and you will be

hooked. In my services I can develop a more personalized study if you prefer because you do not know how to start and what clothes will come better according to your budget and work and social life. If you would like to have more information about this Slow fashion theme, I leave you some links so you can see what a wonderful job they do.

Eco Style & Beauty

If you are one of those who move this world and you would like to look a bit that is cooked by this world at the end I will put some links for you to visit. It is not necessary that you are an expert in this matter because if you choose those basic garments that you use very often you will hit 100% and above you are already contributing to a good cause first you are your second to everything else that is already a lot. For what is related to your beauty, whether you are a man or a woman, there are specialized centers that use totally vegan and ecological products (without chemicals, pesticides, etc.). Totally recommended more than anything by looking for your health (I think it is not necessary to have a disease to reach this decision), people who suffer from their immune system (a variety of diseases that exist today) and the skin changes them completely, hair, nails ... a great etc. Not only change what you eat, but also how you take care of yourself outside.

And yes, you will get a unique, original look, you will not see it massively manufactured, your skin will thank you and as if it did not make you happy the mere fact of premiering constantly with your low cost shopping, the level you take of personal satisfaction with your new sustainable purchases do not exceed it ... I assure you! ,))

Join the Slow Fashion

and Eco Beauty

For an urban-casual style, man, woman and children.

For the classic and elegant man.

For the care and style of your hair.

Your ecological and sustainable jeans for men and women.

These are some to start visiting and see what is, every month I will add more addresses of accessories and accessories so you do not lose detail and more info ....

Thanks for your time !!! Have a good week!

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