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Actualizado: 10 sept 2019

Blanca Facciuto

July 29, 2019

Fashion today is leaving a huge mark on our ecosystem, it is the second most polluting industry; Did you know?. We begin to see, hear and even talk about a more sustainable fashion, but it is not now, for some time now that several consolidated brands are trying to carry out their productions as sustainably as possible and currently join a positive fashion much more People: Sustainable fashion is not simply based on the use of natural elements for manufacturing, but also through innovation in increasingly efficient procedures and processes

and in supporting communities. Different brands apply the bases in this way more responsible for understanding the industry, in a different and original way. Fashion is a reflection of society and of ourselves, so we have to find our values. So important is who produces it and manufactures as the final consumer. This will be our short-term fashion, we will make a more responsible and ethical consumption, it will not be temporary as when by 2005 it echoed an ecological fashion and the big industries with a good marketing covered what was already

being played, but every time this Fashion is taking its place, Spanish brands such as Ecoalf, D the Brand, Green Forest Wear and designers such as Maria La Fuente, Ines de la Calzada, and many more among others, carry their fashion with a unique value, that makes Your designs

are original and just manufactured. It will not be a trend, it is and will be a fashion that for those of us from a generation ago we will change it little by little and our children will grow up with a more natural sense of fashion. What fashion do you prefer? What style would you like to express?.

D the Brand make clothes responsibly, for anyone who wants to wear it. They want that choosing the right thing is as easy as putting on a garment and we try, from our place, to contribute something to the current fashion industry, conveying a positive message of love and hope, for and for people and nature.

Sabina Deus Muñoz, creative director of D, was born and raised in Durazno, a small town in Uruguay. He studied clothing design at the University School of Design Center in Montevideo, and specialized in pattern design and management of fashion companies. He moved to Madrid, where he still lives. In this city, he worked in retail and in the design department of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. He also made incursions into costumes for advertising and as a stylist for artists of the Madrid music scene.Sabina defines style D as an extension of herself: minimalist, perfectionist and, especially, with awareness.

They opt for sustainable fabrics, certified with Oeko-tex Standard 100 and GOTS quality seals, and produce few product units, to maintain exclusivity and minimize waste.

The history of the Ecoalf Foundation is the story of Upcycling the Oceans, an unprecedented worldwide adventure that was born in the Sustainable fashion theme, Mediterranean Sea in 2015. The objective is to clean the oceans of marine litter with the help of the fishing sector and give the waste plastics a new life thanks to recycling and circular economy. Currently

the Ecoalf Foundation coordinates Upcycling the Oceans Spain together with ECOEMBES and Upcycling the Oceans Thailand with the support of PTT Global Chemical and the Government of Thailand, and works to implement it in other parts of the world. It also collaborates in

other waste management, environmental awareness and R&D projects together with entities with which it shares values and objectives. The ECOALF Foundation currently has the support of KINGSPAN with whom it has signed an agreement for the next three years in the framework of its commitment to circularity. The objectives of this alliance are to continue cleaning the oceans and to close the cycle of the materials that make up marine litter.


"Ecoalf arises in 2009 from my frustration over the excessive use of the world's natural resources and the amount of waste produced by industrialized countries. The objective was to manufacture the first generation of fashion products made with recycled materials of the

same quality, design and technical properties as the best non-recycled products. Demonstrating that it is not necessary to continue abusing the natural resources of the planet in an indiscriminate way".

Javier Goyeneche President and Founder.

This sweatshirt

is made of 100% organic cotton, a very environmentally friendly fiber. Its versatile design allows you to take it at any time and anywhere.

Join the movement and help us clean the oceans.

10% of sales will help the Ecoalf foundation in its mission to clean the oceans and in the expansion of its Upcycling the Oceans project.

White sweatshirt with slogan ´SHON ´ by Ecoalf

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